Happy Customers


"OK" is a word I would never even think of associating with your slippers. They're just fabulous. Fit well, look great, and oh so cozy. A fire in the fireplace, a good book, my feet propped up on the coffee table, with my toes wiggling happily in your warm slippers; I can handle Michigan in late October.

I purchased a pair of Caribou Clothes slippers some 10+ years ago and am just now getting a hole in the bottom. I never would have known how to get another pair if it wasn't for your long-lasting company tag on the slippers.

Thanks from the bottom of my feet,

Tom from Michigan



I was vacationing with my sister in Lethbridge 17 years ago and we took a day trip to Waterton Park. On the way we stopped at a store that carried your products and I fell in love with the slippers but felt I couldn't afford a pair right at that time while travelling. I found a barrel of misfits upstairs and found one grey right foot in my size and then another grey one in my size - also right foot but I wanted them so bad I bought the two right foot slippers and wore them for about 10 years until there were too many holes in the soles to keep them.

I was talking with my sister (still in Lethbridge) this evening and was lamenting I can't find anything like those old slippers and she told me to look online under "Caribou Clothes" and I might find them....I am so excited I can't wait to get these slippers. I can't believe this time I'll have one for each foot, haha.


I received my slippers last Thursday and they are broken in already - I love them. I am really pleased with the quality of your product and thank-you so much for your great service. 

Elaine from New Brunswick



I purchased some of the first mens slippers in about 1990, I have them on right now. Best purchase I have ever made. I love them. I remember standing on cardboard for the pattern...

Paul from Helena, Montana